Tuesday, September 07, 2010

good news for fans of Old Navy

Even though it's still soooo hot outside, or maybe *especially* when it's hot outside, I like to start thinking about things I need to do before Fall comes. Apparently this year the Summer is going to last so long that Fall is going to get lost in the shuffle and we'll head right towards Winter but that doesn't really bother me. As long as it cools down, I'll be happy.

One of the things that always needs to be done is organize the girl's winter clothes and buy whatever they need. Usually I search through Old Navy to see what they have available, then I let the girls take a look and after a few ooh's and aah's mixed with a few arguments, we write a list of things to buy. Then I send the list to my mom with some money and she goes shopping and then sends everything to me. It's a chore but it seems to work out well. Last year I went to the US in October so I just bought everything myself at that time. It made me really appreciate all the beautiful outfits my mom has picked out for us!

Anyways, that time of year has come again but when I went to check out Old Navy's website it said that they will now be offering International Shipping! I could not be more excited. I took a look at it and after I chose Japan all the prices were listed in yen! I didn't have time this morning to find out how much the shipping will cost. It could turn out that it's cheaper to ask my mom to help out but I'm excited to take a look when I get home and find out!

Yeah for Old Navy!

Also, since I'm already writing...

While our car was getting fixed, Chikara scratched the rental car!? We're still not sure what's going to happen with that but they got our car back to us yesterday so Chikara was able to register it in our name so now we're free to drive like maniacs and get pulled over!


Gina said...

Wonderful news about the car.

I knew about Old Navy shipping international, but didn't look into the cost of it, because I get most of my mail shipped to my dad's and then he forwards it on to me ...and I also get a few things mailed to my p.o. box in Guam, and forwarded to me here in Japan but that's only when my dad's on vacation, etc. And I do reinburse my dad, I give him a $100, and that will be more then enough for a few shippings. He always insists and gives me the money back but I always insist and have him keep it. ; )

If the shipping turns out to be fairly cheap, will you let me know. Because I have an Old Navy order being shipped to me right now as we speak. ; ) We order from them a lot. I've already started on my Fall/Winter stuff for both Branden and Noah.

We stock up like you said...every Fall and every Spring. And when the sales come on...it's even a better savings. Anyway, if you find out the shipping for us in Japan, just shoot me an email if you can. Definitely worth looking into for sures.

Mom said...

Does that mean I'm not going to get to shop with your money any more? boo hoo

Anonymous said...

Hi Sweet things,
I missed reading your blog while you were 'away' and am glad you are back. The girls are gorgeous and your life sounds busy but fun. You really seem to be doing a fantastic job as a Mom and wife, hope DH and the girls know how good they have it. Would like to ask your DH about sending cars from Japan to Canada so if you have a free moment give me a shout . Thanks, Monica in Wakayama