Friday, September 03, 2010

two steps forward...

Since I dedicated the last part of 2010 to fixing the problems that occurred in the first half, things had been going well. We got a car, I got my driver's license and Chikara's leg continues to improve. Last week they took a few more wedges out of his brace so he's able to talk a little more normally. When he first got the brace it had 7 wedges that helped prop up his heel so there wouldn't be any pulling or tension on his tendon. They took out one wedge three weeks ago and then last week the doctor took out two and then said he would take out the rest today. He still has to wear the brace but he doesn't need to use crutches unless it's a long distance. Yeah!

On Monday I went to the doctor and took the radioactive iodine that is supposed to help my hyperthyroidism. I wasn't sure what to expect but it turned out to be three regular looking pills that I took while the tech guy watched. I don't feel any different but I have been keeping to myself to avoid the possibility of radiation exposure to the girls and Chikara. If you read the link there is a lot more information if you're interested. To be honest not being allowed to touch the girls could not have come at a better time. Emi, Misaki and Sakura went back to school this week so they weren't even home most of the time and Natsuki seemed to understand that I'd taken "medicine" so she couldn't touch me. But the worst part is over and now I'm just trying to be careful until Monday.

I also fixed our bed yesterday. Earlier this year the slats on Chikara's side of the bed would occasionally fall out. I know he moves a lot at night but it was just ridiculous! Then he hurt his leg and could barely make it to the 2nd floor and didn't even want to think about going up to the 3rd floor where our room is. But then we got our electric bill and after running four A/C units all night it was a bit of a shock. Plus his leg is getting better so last night was the first time we've slept together in a bed since early June (except for our "sleepovers" in the living room). Although it was nice to be back together I soon realized how much I had become used to having a Queen-size bed to myself!

So all of that is good, right! I was checking things off my to-do list and it was getting shorter. But then on Wednesday while Chikara was at one of his bi-weekly doctor appointments (I'll be so glad when those end), a lady hit our new car in the parking lot. She was bringing her husband to see the doctor so he hobbled in on crutches and spoke to the nurse and she called for the owner of the Honda LaGreat in the parking lot. Chikara went out there and she had managed to knock the number plate off the front bumper and the whole bumper was a little loose. Crap! By the Chikara came home at 10pm he was pretty down.

Obviously their car insurance will pay for everything but it's just one more thing to do. I was imagining that we'd have to get an estimate, take it in, wait for it to be fixed (how would we get around) and then pick it up and arrange for it to be paid. Fortunately it turned out way easier than that. After a few phone calls the repair shop we used for our shaken (car inspection) could do it. They arranged to come and pick up our car and leave a rental for us to use and the car will be fixed by Wednesday. The only real problem with this plan is that Chikara was going to change the registration on the car on Tuesday so we'll have to wait until the Tuesday after that. If we get pulled over in the meantime the car auction will charge us an extra $400-$500 dollars in addition to any ticket we would get since it's their name on the registration.

Seems like I'll need to write my to-do list over again...


Gina said...

Good morning Sarah,

I'm glad Chikara's leg is improving.

And you took your medicine (radioactive iodine). And hopefully your condition will improve real soon. Nice to know it was just 3 normal looking pills. That would have been a relief for me. ; ) I would have been it a yucky tasting liquid or? So was just 3 pills. I hope you get better and better.

And OMG! I can't believe someone hit your "new" car. If that doesn't just beat all. Oh dear. I would have been a little upset over here and frustrated if that just happened to us (especially after knowing how badly your family really needed that new car) . Hopefully it gets fixed real soon.

illahee said...

oh man, what bad timing!! i hope everything goes smoothly from now on.

i also hope that you and your husband improve in health. sounds like you're all so busy!

Ram said...

Radioactive iodine to kill the thyroid? Does that not sound extreme? You need to change your diet/body if you want to fix an overactive thyroid.

normally, hyperthyroidism occurs once in while in everyone. No way you say!? Yes, when people have a flu/cold. In a cold/flu, the pituitary commands the thyroid to go into overdrive, attempting to make you body heat up and eliminate toxic waste as fast as possible from your body.

So, if you understand this, you'll see that chronic hyperthyroidism is caused by similar things. Most of the time it is caused by re-regulate itself to improve elimination/detoxification.

Thus, you need to look into your lifestyle and diet to fix hyperthyroidism, not radioactive iodine/surgery.

I recommend you go into a detox diet. If you can purify your body, your thyroid will on it's own decrease it's activity.
1. alkalize your body. Eat oranges, fresh lemon juice, take a teaspoon of baking soda, drink kangen water.
2. improve the elimination aspect of your body. Eat more green leafy veggies like raw romaine lettuce. avoid carbonated beverages.
3. increase potassium consumption. eat the skin of boiled potatoes. Avoid the white starchy stuff. Avoid eating too much sodium.
4. stop drinking coffee. Coffee is an adrenal activator and thus does nothing but aggravates the thyroid to produce more hormones. It tries to put your body in emergency mode.
5. avoid stress and sleep more.
6. meditate and do yoga.

Basically, what you want to do is move your body back from emergency mode to normal mode. If you do this, your thyroid will respond by reducing it's activity.