Tuesday, November 18, 2008

a little better every day...

I've been home for nine whole days and I still don't have my voice entirely back. Or my energy back. Or my strength back, for that matter. I do not recommend losing 6kg that quickly, although secretly (oops, I told you) I am a little thrilled. I have been unsuccessfully trying to lose a few pounds over the past months. No matter what I do the needle stays over the exact same number. OK, I haven't been trying *that* hard but I really wanted to to lose those last pounds of pregnancy weight. Also, I have never in my entire life been sick for this long. Ever. It's not fun.

... I want to clean the house but I don't have the energy. Then the house being so out of control makes me even more tired so that I don't even want to try to tidy up even a little.

... I know I need to eat but my stomach is only accepting a little at a time. Eventually thinking about having to eat or making dinner for the kids makes me tired.

... I really appreciate Chikara for taking such good care of the kids but I still need him to help out more than usual because, you guessed it, I'm tired. (He has been awesome, by the way)

So it's been going like that. I have noticed improvement and at church on Sunday a lot of the ladies gave sighs of relief when they saw me and said my color had improved over the week before. I am hoping that by the end of this week I have enough strength to start walking outside for some exercise.

Another side effect of being sick is weird dreams. Like, I saw on the news that it's supposed to get cold at the end of this week so that night I had a dream that it snowed and I got the girls all bundled up to go outside and play and then I realized that none of them had boots. They were all standing around in the entrance of the house in puffy jackets, scarves, toques and mittens but there were no boots. I was frantically opening all the closet doors looking for boots. I think it's related to the fact that I haven't been able to do as much for them as I normally do.

But I'm getting better. I am. Thanks for all of your well wishes.


Kim said...

Wow, Sarah! You have really gotten it! Please don't force yourself to do too much too soon! Let your body rest, and eat ANYTHING that sounds good to get some strength back. That's my medical advice! I'll be praying for you!

Mom said...

Baby, baby! Now I'm afraid Chikara will never let you come back to Canada by yourself again! Too bad you can't chug C-monsters like you could in Portland....
If a mother's love can heal, I'm sending it out to you.